Tuesday, July 10, 2018

D6 Storytellers - Character Creation

D6 Storytellers is a game system that I am in the process of creating. You can download the playtest PDF here. I want to explain how Character Creation works with D6 Storytellers.

Character Creation
Unlike most other RPGs this system doesn't have stats. So there is no rolling 3d6 to determine what kind of character you might have. The character is built upon the player's concept and imagination that fits within the Author's (The GM) setting. The game mechanics are also designed in a way that one character shouldn't have an advantage over another character.
The Author should state the setting, genre and other important information that is needed for the players to create their characters. That being said the players should still have some freedom with their character design.

Examples of character design with skills that they have acquired through play:

A minotaur made a deal with Lolth and is now a drider type creature with the upper body of a minotaur. He uses a two-handed axe, casts dark magic and can even spin web.
Anything - 1 (1d6)
Two-Handed Axe (Offensive) - 3 (3d6)
Parry (Defensive) - 2 (2d6)
Web - 2 (2d6)
Dark Magic - 2 (2d6)

In a freak accident a teenage girl, Heather, had her brain switched with her dog. With her brain inside her dog she can actually speak the human language and the canine language.
Anything - 1 (1d6)
Bite (Offensive) - 2 (2d6)
Canine Tracking - 3 (3d6)

*Yes, the dog character is really ridiculous

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