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Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Minotaur for Old-School Essentials

Requirements: Minimum STR 9, Minimum CON 9
Prime Requisite: STR and CON
Hit Dice: 1d10
Maximum Level: 8
Armor: Leather, including shields
Weapons: Any
Languages: Alignment, Common, Minotaur

Minotaurs are nomadic creatures that typically make their homes in deserts and barren lands. They are fierce warriors and hunters of large beasts; such as griffons and manticores. These bull-headed men tower over the tallest men by at least a foot or more. They are in constant battles with nomadic centaurs that try to take their lands.
Prime Requisite: A minotaur with at least 13 STR and CON gains a 5% bonus to experience. A minotaur with at least 16 STR and CON gains a 10% bonus to experience.
Combat: Minotaurs can use all types of weapons, leather armor and shields.
Thick Hide: Minotaurs have a natural Armor Class of 8  [11] when not wearing armor.
Gore: Minotaurs can gore an enemy with their horns for 1d4 points of damage.
Overland Wanderer: Minotaurs have a +1 bonus vs losing direction in Barren Lands ( 1-in-6) and Deserts (1-in-6).

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