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Monday, July 24, 2017

The Siege of Crasmere Now on DriveThruRPG

The Siege of Crasmere is now on DriveThruRPG. I wanted to add it on there so I could track any downloads and for feedback/reviews. Also, to reach a wider audience that may not be a part of some of the Facebook groups and Google+ Communities. 
I'm pretty proud of this Starter One-Page Adventure for Swords & Wizardry Light. It has everything you need to start: A town, an adventure and room to expand. Why is the Brokentusk Clan attacking the village of Crasmere? That is for you to create and for your players to discover!

The Siege of Crasmere is Pay What You Want (AKA Free!!!) so please do share with others!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

August Updates & Female Artists

Just wanted to give a quick update on what I'm working on!
I recently received the artwork I wanted for my next OPA that will be released for August. The artwork is by Peter Saga. You can find his work and contact information here! 
This OPA will help merge, both, Swords & Wizardry Light and White Star.
I am still working on a project for Illusionist (priority) but I have my notes jotted down for my August OPA.

Also, I am always looking for more artists to be featured in my OPAs and to help promote their work! Currently, I am looking for female artists (Black & White Art) to be featured in future OPAs. I see plenty of OSR dedicated artists that are male but not many females. If you know of any or if you are one and would like to do some artwork for my OPAs please contact me!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Big Projects & Big News

Well, it is a good thing I am ahead on my One-Page Adventures because I have some major projects that I am currently working on. I am currently working on two projects for Illusionist. The two projects go hand in hand and I am really excited that I get to be a part of this whole thing. Once I have the OK to let you know what it is I am working on I will let you know.

Now, for the big news!

So as you can see, I'm going to be pretty busy for the next couple of eternities.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Exclusive One-Page Adventures & Plans for August

July's One-Page Adventure Blood & Villainy has only been out for 7 days. And it is getting plenty of hits! Thank you for your support! Now on to the news...

I'm currently working on an exclusive OPA that is a tie-in to my campaign. I am designing it to be part 1 in a series of OPAs. Now, I am creating these in hopes that they will be used through Illusionist. So these won't be released to the public. Unless I know they won't be getting used. Also, I am creating these to work with Swords & Wizardry Continual Light. I've been playing around with formatting so I can get more lore and detail on the page.

For August I already have the adventure stored in my head. I even have artwork being made for this OPA by Peter Saga. What this OPA will do is combine two game systems; Swords & Wizardry Light and White Star by +James Spahn. This OPA will open up your fantasy game to science fiction.

Again, thank you for all of the support!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Campaign Setting: Tanlentin

I am currently developing a campaign setting to be used for my Swords & Wizardry (Continual) Light game.
Tanlentin is an idea I had for a fantasy world for many years. Originally it was supposed to be used as the setting for a Young Adult book series. But that hasn't happened...yet.

We are starting small with an area I've made previously using Inkarnate.

I am using elements from other campaigns/adventures that I own and that I would like to see working together. Village of Hommlet, Rappan Athuk/Mouth of Doom, and Temple of Elemental Evil. Though, there is no Temple in this setting but rather rifts in the elemental planes. I also plan on including at least one or two artifacts/relics from the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide. Multiple stories that are a part of one story.

I am going with races as a class format and I've also created new classes for this campaign. I am also using the Optional Classes from the Swords & Wizardry Continual Light beta.

Humans - Fighter, Cleric, Magic-User, Thief, Shifter, Berserker and the optional classes.
Elf - The Elves of Tanlentin live on the tops of mountain peaks. They are the defenders of the realm. They cast protective wards on the mountains of the realms to keep the evil within from escaping. Though, occasionally some evil does make its way out of the mountains. Mechanically, the Elves are a hybrid class of Fighter and Magic-user.
Dwarf - The Dwarves of Tanlentin are seamen (haha!) and shipwrights. They live on their ships that they have crafted. Their stout bodies keep them grounded on their ships in even the treacherous of storms. Some of their ships are as large as small villages. Mechanically, the Dwarves are Fighters but with some armor restrictions and their BHB is lower than that of the human Fighter.
Halfling - The Halflings of Tanlentin were once humans many, many years ago. They fell upon a curse and their offspring were much smaller and weaker than what they once were. Eventually the humans of that region died out and all that was left were the Halflings. The Halflings can only reproduce with each other. In order for them to survive and be useful to the other races they have learned to be engineers and tinkerers. Mechanically, the Halflings are a custom class that is more like a gunslinger.
Construct - The Constructs of Tanlentin are created structures of the Halflings. They were created as guardians for the Halflings. They have also been created to serve as servants for the other races. They can be found in the homes of the wealthy, working in shops and hard labor jobs. Mechanically, the Constructs are a custom class that I have designed just for them.

So yes, to answer the question you may have, there is a hint of Steampunk in this setting. Thanks to the Halflings.

Later I will post the classes that I will be using if anyone else chooses to add them to their games. They are designed to go to level seven for Swords & Wizardry Continual Light.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

My Daughter the Dungeon Master

Today my daughter (10 years old) started her Swords & Wizardry Light Campaign. Yesterday I showed her that she could make her own maps on her Chromebook using Inkarnate. And the map she made is where the campaign is currently taking place. She called her location, Dragon Island, and she placed it in the ocean of the Gulf of Akados Region which is the map that is on the back of the SWL Legion folder.

For the game I created a dwarf fighter, elf thief, human cleric and human magic-user all starting at level two. The game started out with us landing on the island about few days from Fire Town (northern town on the map). We were making our way to Fire Town to just visit but on the way there we encountered some zombies that we had to fight off. We didn't bother to examine the bodies because it was in the middle of the night and we wanted to hurry and get away from that area.
What my daughter did was determine how many days it would take for us to get to the town and she rolled to check for a random encounter twice a day (during the day and during night when we would make camp). When we finally made it to the town we asked around about the zombies we encountered and apparently the town was aware of the problem. When we asked more about it we discovered that the zombies have always been on this island before the races of the realm made this island their home. We were also told that Dragon Island is home to numerous dragons and most of which are neutral and have allowed the races of the realm to make their home on the island. During the night while we were in the Inn the alarm bell rang and we went outside and saw that the zombies were attacking the town. After we helped some villagers take down a few zombies we looked around and noticed the villagers were well equipped and were skilled enough to handle the zombie attacks on their own. The dwarf made some friends with two of the villagers who landed some brutal hits taking down some of the zombies. 
The next day there was a town meeting about the latest zombie attack and the governor of the town asked for volunteers to seek out the Fire Dragon of the island and ask her for help/information on these zombies. We volunteered and so did the two villagers (John and Alice) that the dwarf became friends with. They gave us supplies including healing potions, horses and a wagon. They told us it would be best to visit the town to the east and seek out the Water Dragon and see if he could help us on where we could find the Fire Dragon. The trip took about two weeks or so to make it to the town. On the way we encountered more zombies, some hobgoblins and a snowy giant spider. The dwarf was very proud of his kill of the giant spider. He didn't even step off the wagon and he shot two arrows in the giant spider's head bringing it down with ease. The magic-user jumped out of the wagon and extracted some of the webbing into a vial. 
When they made it to the town we talked to some people and they told us where to find the Water Dragon and we were told that he was very friendly and likes to go by the nickname, Clammy. When we met up with Clammy he was very eager to help us but he asked us to look for a crystal that was taken from him. He told us of a human who lives in the town that might know where this crystal could be. The human is the owner of the library in the town. She used to visit Clammy all the time but as she got older the trip got more dangerous for her to go out on her own. After speaking with her and finding out that one of the villagers found it when they were a kid we were easily able to acquire the crystal and give it back to Clammy.
After we gave the crystal back to Clammy he told us where we could find the Fire Dragon. He told us where her cave might be found and the area where she flies keeping an eye on the land protecting it from evil forces. But Clammy offered to give us a ride to the southern part of the coast. We accepted the offer and Clammy was also able to pick up the two horses and wagon in a separate trip. Before we made our way to find the Fire Dragon (which we forgot to ask what her name was) Clammy gave us a magical oyster. The magical oyster could only be used once but if we opened the oyster we would summon the aide of a minor Water Dragon. Then we were on our way to find this Fire Dragon. On the first night we encountered more zombies and after taking them down the cleric decided to examine the dead bodies. And that is when we discovered that one of the zombies looked like it once was human but the others looked more monstrous and ancient. Something that wasn't created from the dead....

And that is when we ended the game for the day.
Now, what my daughter did was map out how many days it would take us to get to this cave and prerolled twice a day for random encounters so she would already have it written down and know that day 3 this happens, day 7 this happens. And then she had me roll a d6 once a day to see if I could see the Fire Dragon in the sky. So far nothing.

My daughter made this entire game up as we were playing. She knew the mechanics of the game and so there really wasn't many questions. But she was harsh on some of the missed attack rolls. If I missed by just a couple it was fine. But if I missed by like 5 or more she would count that as a fumble even if I didn't roll a 1. On natural 20s her monsters would deal max damage but if I got a natural 20 she would let me choose to do max damage or roll 2d6. There were times I wish I would have just gone with max damage. 

Overall it was a fun game and I can't wait until we play next time. I am curious as to what these zombies are.....

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Blood & Villainy

It is here! July's One-Page Adventure: Blood & Villainy
This One-Page Adventure is designed to be used with Swords & Wizardry Light. This OPA allows for the players to take on the role as the monsters! This could be used as either a One-Shot or a starting adventure for an "evil" campaign.
If you read/played The Siege of Crasmere, then you will know that the Brokentusk Clan is back!

How to use this OPA
The four different races represent one of the four classes in SWL. The race gets all the benefits and starting equipment included with the class plus the racial bonuses.
Here are two ways you could approach this adventure: A small band of Brokentusk Clan or a large group of Brokentusk Clan.
If you go with the small band approach you may want the players to start at either level two or three.
If you go with the large group approach the players should be level one and roll for hit points. And if a character dies allow for the player to quickly roll up another character to continue the adventure.

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