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Sunday, September 9, 2018

....And Short Stories

Where are the Short Stories that are advertised on my banner for JB Publishing? Well, they haven't existed...until now. Though, this short story that I have is actually an eleven-page children's picture book. All I have of this is the text and the description of the artwork for the pages. I'm not an artist so I don't see this project coming to existence until I can get an artist. And that requires money. Money that I just don't have right now.

What I have written is something for and about my three kids in the realm of fantasy. It would actually be a series of Children's Picture books to be one collective story. I am only letting a few people read what I have of this first book just because I actually want it to become something "real."

I am calling this series, The Adventures of Griffin and Ora. Griffin, our almost 3-year-old, is the Mighty Warrior. Ora, our newborn, is the Magical Goblin. They have been given a quest to find a girl, Rose, our almost 12-year-old (Rose being her middle name), the Powerful Druid. Book One is the start of the adventure. They face their fears with courage and friendship.

If you're really interested in this project you can contact me and I can show it to you.

Now, what I would really like to do is actually include short stories on my blog. Even if it is just five to ten paragraphs of a story. I've thought about having guest posts for these short stories as well. If this is something that would interest you please let me know!