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Friday, August 31, 2018

War and Craft: Lasers & Feelings Hack

I recently discovered John Harper's Lasers & Feelings. It is a very unique game system. There are no character stats or anything like that. It is strictly based on the fiction within the game play. Though, there is a single number that determines the result of your character's actions. The game is free so simply take a look at it. Oh is just a single page game.

But I thought I would take that game and turn it into a Warcraft game. I wanted to take the Vanilla (Pre-Expansion) World of Warcraft and turn it into a tabletop experience that anyone could play with ease. Lasers & Feelings is designed more to be a one-shot with a possible few session campaign. And since there isn't things like character stats, real harm and death should happen when it feels right within the fiction of the game and actions.

With War and Craft I imagine people being able to run their favorite 5-man dungeons or even 10-main raids at the table rather than sitting behind a computer screen with a headset on. Or go the more competitive route of tabletop arena matches. Or maybe you have someone that wants to get into tabletop gaming but they have only played WOW and other MMOs so War and Craft could be their introduction to tabletop gaming.

War and Craft direct link


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