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Thursday, July 5, 2018

D6 Storytellers Playtest PDF

While I am working on my TOEE One-Page Adventures I do have a project that I would love to receive some feedback on and playtesters.

The game is a work in progress but at the same time I haven't worked on it any this year. Currently, I am calling the game D6 Storytellers. Though, the PDF has a different name for the game. D6 Storytellers is a system that is based on only six-sided dice and skills. It is designed to be used for any genre and for quick play with little to no prep.

The core mechanic of the game falls on the one skill that every character has:
Anything Skill
At character creation the only skill a character has is the Anything Skill. This allows them to literally do anything (that fits the genre and character concept) within the game. Whether it is trying to bash down a door, using a shrink ray or reading through the pages of the Necronomicon. All characters do everything through the Anything Skill. When a characters rolls a 6 on the Anything Skill (1d6) they have the option to then gain a new skill (the skill they were using through the Anything Skill) at Rank Two (2d6). So if a character rolled their Anything Skill to shoot a shrink ray and got a 6 they then can choose to learn that skill at Rank Two. If that character wanted to take that skill from Rank Two to Rank Three they can only do so by rolling two 6's (2d6).

There is more to the game but the Anything Skill is the foundation that holds it all together.

But I would like to have some people read through the PDF and even do some playtests so I can receive some feedback on the game. The reason I started this project was to have a game I could play with my kids that is simple and quick. Kids have huge imaginations and when I tested this out with my daughter we figured out some things that needed to be fixed, removed and added. She was a Pegasus type character with a Unicorn horn that could do all sorts of things. She was flying around, creating force fields on herself and on enemies to keep them trapped, she was casting fireballs and lightning storms. It went super gonzo quick. But it was easy and fun. And that was the point of it all. To have a system that was quick to, "yes and," without complex mechanics.

The PDF is 5 pages long with a character sheet in the back.
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