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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Stock Art - Tentacles and Old Ones

I've recently started to release some stock art on DriveThruRPG.
I've done some drawing in the past and a few years ago I received a Wacom tablet. Shortly after I got my Wacom my PC that I used it on crapped out on me. So I wasn't able to draw for a couple of years. Finally, we got a desktop that allows me to use the Wacom and run GIMP on it. I've been playing with GIMP and trying to get used to it. I still don't know all the tricks and techniques to it. But as I am drawing I am learning more and I've been watching other artists and learning things with GIMP and artistic techniques.
Unlike my One-Page Adventures my Stock Art is not Pay What You Want (Free). And there is a Terms of Use and License attached with each one. Also, each artwork should have a color version and a black & white version.
I'm currently working on a stock art series - Tentacles and Old Ones
It should have roughly ten images in the series. I currently have three completed and available for sell on DriveThruRPG.