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Friday, August 31, 2018

War and Craft: Lasers & Feelings Hack

I recently discovered John Harper's Lasers & Feelings. It is a very unique game system. There are no character stats or anything like that. It is strictly based on the fiction within the game play. Though, there is a single number that determines the result of your character's actions. The game is free so simply take a look at it. Oh is just a single page game.

But I thought I would take that game and turn it into a Warcraft game. I wanted to take the Vanilla (Pre-Expansion) World of Warcraft and turn it into a tabletop experience that anyone could play with ease. Lasers & Feelings is designed more to be a one-shot with a possible few session campaign. And since there isn't things like character stats, real harm and death should happen when it feels right within the fiction of the game and actions.

With War and Craft I imagine people being able to run their favorite 5-man dungeons or even 10-main raids at the table rather than sitting behind a computer screen with a headset on. Or go the more competitive route of tabletop arena matches. Or maybe you have someone that wants to get into tabletop gaming but they have only played WOW and other MMOs so War and Craft could be their introduction to tabletop gaming.

War and Craft direct link


Monday, August 20, 2018

Update: GoFundMe Halfway There


Thank you so much everyone. This has been a huge blessing for us. My wife and I are completely blown away! We are so close to the halfway point on our GoFundMe! At this rate it looks like we can get our car up and running real soon! A friend of ours is actually letting us use one of their cars until October 1st or if we figure out our car situation before then. So we are very thankful for that!

A lot of you that have donated or made a huge impact in spreading the word about our GoFundMe should have received a Facebook Message from me with a link to a special gift I made for you. And in doing so Facebook has apparently flagged my account as a blog or spammer. I cannot send any links through messenger right now.  I sent in a ticket explaining the situation and why I did the whole copy/paste method for ease since a lot of you have been helping us out.

Like I said we are almost at the halfway point in our GoFundMe so we still could use the help! You can go here to donate if you can or share our GoFundMe or even both! If you donate I will try to find you via social media to send you the special gift I have put together for our supporters.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Real Life: Car Emergency

So yesterday our only car crapped out on us. The transmission went out on it but they told us that it wasn't anything we had control over. The car was in great condition but it was just a case of really bad luck. Sadly, to repair this car it is going to cost us between $3,000 to over $5,000.

We are still currently in the, "oh crap, what do we do" phase of this whole situation. My wife has set up a GoFundMe for our situation. We both hate asking for help and even receiving help from others. We hate feeling like a burden to people and we both deal with anxiety/depression and so this has cranked up our anxiety bad.

 Here is the link to the GoFundMe.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Untold Scrolls: An Unofficial Elder Scrolls Hack for Untold Adventures

So I did a thing. Well, in the process of doing a thing.
I LOVE James Spahn's Untold Adventures! (Untold Adventures: Deluxe Edition is Pay What You Want) I love it because it breaks down a RPG into something much lighter than White Box. I love it because I am finally able to do something I have always wanted to do in a RPG: Create an Elder Scrolls campaign setting. I've tried doing this in the past with other systems and I have always given up because it became so overwhelming. But with Untold Adventures I am able to do it without it feeling so overwhelming. What I have done is used the only two classes in Untold Adventures and combined them into one class. I also added Magicka Points so now spellcasting is a point based system. Then I used the races as the "class types" for the game. The core rules of Untold Adventures still apply to this game. But all I have done is replaced the class, races and magic system. What Untold Adventures has done was that it allowed that all classes (Swordsman and Spellcaster) could use all weapons and armor. Though, the Swordsman class was the only class that would gain a to-hit bonus and that if Spellcasters wore armor, whatever armor bonus they receive that is the bonus NPCs receive on their Saving Throw roll against their spells. I kept both of these rules in the game. But what I have done was allowed the races to be trained in weapons and armor types. So if a race is trained in a weapon type they would receive the to-hit bonus when using them but they could also use any weapon type they weren't trained in without the to-hit bonus. I did the same with armor. If a race is trained in an armor type then when they wear that armor type the NPCs would not get a bonus to their Saving Throw roll vs the spells. I then included two special rules that would allow the characters to become an all-out Swordsman type with no Magicka Points or an all-out Spellcaster type with no weapon and armor training.

This is only the start of this project but you can get the rough PDF of the class and races here.

Also, I didn't mention this in the PDF but I will in another update but Magicka Points recover just like Hit Points in Untold Adventures.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Creating Monsters on the Fly with Swords & Wizardry White Box

Swords & Wizardry White Box is probably (actually) my favorite RPG System.
The White Box game that I use is White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game
The PDF is free and it is probably one of the most used White Box systems.

The reason why I love White Box is that I often run games on the fly with little to no prep and it goes smoothly. The major reason for this is how simple it is to create Monsters & NPCs.

This is the stat block for an Orc in White Box
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: Weapon
Special: None
Move: 12
HDE/XP: 1/15

Short and sweet how GMing on the fly needs to be. But what do you do when your players encounter monsters and NPCs that aren't in the book? What if the Player Characters encounter a two-headed and four-armed monster that stands around 10ft high while one head spits acid and the other can hypnotize (charm) Player Characters. We will call it a Nookum.

First I determine the Hit Dice (HD), which if you haven't played White Box, the HD determines the health (Hit Points), the Attack Bonus and Saving Throw of the monsters. It is also a good estimate of the monster's "level." The more HD the monster or NPC has the longer it will stay alive in combat, the easier it hits the Player Characters and the easier it can resist the Player Characters spells and other special abilities. Hit Dice is rolled by six-sided dice. So I want to give Nookum 3+1 HD. What this means you roll 3d6+1 to determine the Hit Points. This also means when Nookum attacks it gets a +3 to-hit. The attack bonus for Monsters and NPCs equal their HD. And then Nookum's Saving Throw score would be 16 (19-HD).

Hit Dice: 3+1
Attacks: +3
Saving Throw: 16

Now that I have that I determine what the Armor Class will be. Now, I use ascending Armor Class so I don't include the descending Armor Class. With Nookum's height it makes the monster easier to hit but also it has four arms which could be useful when parrying attacks. So Nookum's Armor Class will be 14.

Armor Class: 14
Hit Dice: 3+1
Attacks: +3
Saving Throw: 16

Now it is time to determine what kind of Attack and Damage the Monster does. In White Box Monsters and NPCs only get ONE Attack. They do not have multiple attacks like in Swords & Wizardry Complete. Also, damage is based on six-sided dice. There are four different damage types that I personally use: Weak 1d6-1 Average 1d6 Strong 1d6+1 Deadly 2d6. With Nookum's four arms I feel that it would have a flurry of blows that deals 1d6+1 damage.

Armor Class: 14
Hit Dice: 3+1
Attacks: Flurry of Blows +3(1d6+1)
Saving Throw: 16

Movement is the next thing to determine and it is easy. Movement Rate is in increments of 3. 12 is average speed (human). Some monsters might even have two different Movement Rates. One for walking and one for flying/swimming/leaping/etc. Nookum will have an average Movement Rate of 12.

Armor Class: 14
Hit Dice: 3+1
Attacks: Flurry of Blows +3(1d6+1)
Saving Throw: 16
Move: 12

The last thing to determine is any Special abilities the Monster or NPC might have. In this case Nookum has two abilities. Spit Acid and Charm. For special abilities that are spells that Magic-Users or Clerics can cast it is just best to name the Special Abilities and that it works like Spell ______. For Special Abilities such as Spit Acid I determine that the damage equals the Monster's HD-1 and Save for half damage. For Special Abilities that are not spells and are not damaging abilities state what it does if the Player Character fails their Saving Throw.

Armor Class: 14
Hit Dice: 3+1
Attack: Flurry of Blows +3(1d6+1)
Saving Throw: 16
Move: 12
Special: Spit Acid for 2d6 damage or Save for half damage. Can cast Charm Person.

The one thing I do not do is the Hit Dice Equivalent (HDE) and XP in my personal games. A good way to determine Monster XP on the fly is the Monster's Hit Points x 10.

So there we have it. A way to create monsters and NPCs on the fly. I hope this is helpful and understandable for you!