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Monday, August 20, 2018

Update: GoFundMe Halfway There


Thank you so much everyone. This has been a huge blessing for us. My wife and I are completely blown away! We are so close to the halfway point on our GoFundMe! At this rate it looks like we can get our car up and running real soon! A friend of ours is actually letting us use one of their cars until October 1st or if we figure out our car situation before then. So we are very thankful for that!

A lot of you that have donated or made a huge impact in spreading the word about our GoFundMe should have received a Facebook Message from me with a link to a special gift I made for you. And in doing so Facebook has apparently flagged my account as a blog or spammer. I cannot send any links through messenger right now.  I sent in a ticket explaining the situation and why I did the whole copy/paste method for ease since a lot of you have been helping us out.

Like I said we are almost at the halfway point in our GoFundMe so we still could use the help! You can go here to donate if you can or share our GoFundMe or even both! If you donate I will try to find you via social media to send you the special gift I have put together for our supporters.


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