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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Podcast Episode 3: One-Page Adventure Temple of Elemental Evil

Episode 3 of JB Publishing Podcast is here!
One-Page Adventure: Temple of Elemental Evil
In this episode I talk about the basics of how I want to develop this into a series of One-Page Adventures. And I talk about how we can create this adventure to feel more natural and story driven rather than it being a Megadungeon with some random stuff thrown in.
And I am asking you, my readers and listeners, to help! If you have ran or played in Temple of Elemental Evil what are some things you feel are very important to this adventure and what are some things you feel are useless in this adventure? Remember, One-Page Adventures is about cutting away the fluff and fat and getting straight to what really matters.

Also, JB Publishing Podcast will be on iTunes really soon. You can search JB Publishing and the first two episodes pop up. The show page isn't up just yet. But once it is I will let you know so you can subscribe via iTunes.


  1. Focusing on the "elements" of TOEE might be missing a deeper and more interesting story line for your project.

    1. Thank you for this! This is extremely helpful!