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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tome of Adventure Design - February

As part of Twelve Months of Tome of Adventure Design I have rolled up February's monster for the next One-Page Adventure. Last month I received requests to post the results of the rolls for those who have a copy of the book and want to look at the tables.

February's Monster
Physical & Special Attacks: 95. Limb attack only and two special attacks.
Special Defenses: 97. One defense and two distinctive attributes.

Limb Attack Only: 53. Talons.
Special Attack: 79; 13. Squirt liquid (Single target); Asphyxiation.
Special Attack: 60; 49. Smell (Squirted, single target); Emotion (Love or happiness).
Special Defense: 12. Chitin.
Attribute: 44. Inhabit wet areas.
Attribute: 14. Builds nests from sticks, branches, mud, bones or clay.

Now that I have the outline of this new monster I will begin to wear my creativity hat and produce a terrible drawing of what I believe this creature might be.

Remember, this monster was created by using the random tables in Matt Finch's Tome of Adventure Design.

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