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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Untold Adventures and Spell Points

I plan on using James Spahn's Untold Adventures for my TOEE campaign. Also, Untold Adventures is now in print!
There are many, many things that I love about Untold Adventures.

By the way, this isn't a review (yet).

I love how there are only two classes: Swordsman & Spellcaster. The Spellcaster is a combination of both the Cleric and Magic-User. While making Turn Undead into a Level 1 Spell. With it set up in this way the two classes can then be flavored as a "class type." While I've been reading through this a few times preparing on how to use this version of White Box for my own game I believe I came to the conclusion of using Spell Points. The reason why I want to do Spell Points is because of the flavor of the class type. Say a player has an idea for a character that might be closer to a Warlock because their character has made a deal or promise to a demon that grants their character the ability to cast spells. This power would be within them rather than through study and preparation.

How It Works

The Spellcaster starts with three first level spells.
Each level the Spellcaster gains 1d6 Spell Points.
A Spellcaster with an Intelligence score of 15+ grants them one additional Spell Point at level one.
A spell's Spell Point cost equals 1 + spell level (Level 3 spells costs 4 Spell Points). This also means there is a chance a level 1 Spellcaster may not be able to cast spells if they only roll a 1 for Spell Points and receive no Intelligence bonus. But they could still use Scrolls and the such.
Spells Points are recovered the same as Hit Points.
Spellcasters can cast level 2 spells starting at level 3; level 3 spells starting at level 5; level 4 spells starting at level 7; level 5 spells starting at level 9.

Spell Points for Monsters/Foes/Villains

You could use Spell Points for your monster Spellcasters if you want or you could just hand wave it and just assume that they always have enough Spell Points. If you want to know exactly how many Spell Points a monster has you could roll their HD to determine their Spell Points or Multiply their HD by 3.
So an Ogre that is a Spellcaster would have 4d6+1 Spell Points or 13 Spell Points [(3x4)+1]
The level of spells the monsters can cast could either be hand waved or determined by treating their HD as the Spellcaster level.
So that same Spellcaster Ogre can cast level 1 & 2 spells.

Spell Points...Yea or Nay?