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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tunnels & Trolls: Beyond the Demon's Web

December's Tunnels & Trolls One-Page Adventure: Beyond the Demon's Web


A werespider and a demon join forces to take control of the mortal plane and their first plan of attack is a small farming village. Will you venture beyond the demon's web and stop them before it's too late!?

I am still in the process of finding that "just right" format for One-Page Adventures for Tunnels & Trolls. Anytime I read other adventures or look at how other GMs write their material there isn't a "universal" format. So for the sake of simplicity this is the format I am going to go with (modifying here and there later I'm sure):
Monster Name
Monster Rating: xxx Dice: xxx Armor: xxx
Speed: xxx Size: xxx
Special: xxx
Description (but not always used for basic/universal monsters)

N: Normal (about the same speed as a human)
S: Slow (slower than a human)
F: Fast (faster than a human)

N: Normal (about the same size as a human)
S: Small (smaller than a human)
L: Large (larger than a human)

For the specifics of the size and speed of the monster I will leave up to the GM since I'm sure each group has their own way of handling size and speed.

Now, for this I read this style from someone over on the Facebook Group for Tunnels & Trolls. It seemed simple and straight forward.
If the monster rolls enough Spite (6's) then the monster can choose to use their special ability by spending the required amount of Spite (6's). Who the victim of the special ability is I'm sure the GM has their own way of determining this.

To those who are new to my One-Page Adventures the one thing you will notice is that there is not a map (and never will be). The reason for this is that each gaming group is different. Some can spend 8+ hours gaming in one session while others will be lucky to just get in 2 hours. And I feel that maps (though important and needed) can put a strain on some groups. Which is why I don't add maps so the GM can design/modify the adventure that works best for their group.

Enjoy and I hope to bring you a new One-Page Adventure for T&T sometime in January!

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