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Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Siege of Crasmere for Tunnels & Trolls

I recently got the PDF of Tunnels & Trolls 5th edition and I love it! Though, I haven't had a chance to run a group game yet but I did play around with some Solo Games. Including the App, Tunnels & Trolls Adventures.

As I was reading through the PDF and searching all through the forums about T&T I noticed a couple of things.
1.) I didn't find any books that were "official" monster books. Which I thought was a little odd at first and was confused as I was doing my read through of the PDF. But now I love this! I am glad that what I perceive to be a goblin is going to be different than how someone else uses them in their game. The simplicity of the monsters/'stat blocks' is great and allows for anyone to create whatever monster they want on the fly.

2.) I couldn't find a whole lot of gaming material for T&T. There is a lot of revised versions of older content but I couldn't find a lot of new third party content. 

So I went ahead and converted my One-Page Adventure, The Siege of Crasmere, to be used for Tunnels & Trolls. 
With converting it I changed the arrows from the goblins, under the 'Features,' from an attack to a Level 1 Saving Roll vs Dexterity or Luck. With the monsters themselves I multiplied their HD by 15 to get their Monster Rating. And for any +1s, like the Ogre HD 4+1, each +1 I added 3 to the Monster Rating. For the monsters that don't have a full HD, like the goblins, their Monster Rating is a flat 10. I read this somewhere on a forum. Someone was asking how to convert Basic D&D to T&T and this seemed like a fairly simple formula. 
With Klatt I added an ability to her attack that would reflect the damage that she deals with the axe that can only be healed through magical means.
And I left the magic item the same just because after my searching of magic item examples for T&T I feel that this would still work as is.

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