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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Shout-Outs & Updates

Well, I'm currently working on the one-page adventure for May. I am going slow and taking my time on it. I have plenty of ideas for it just need to flesh it out and make it fit on a single page. My PC crapped out on me so I am currently working on the Pages Apple app via my Chromebook. I already found the artwork I will be using for this adventure (which was the inspiration). I will be contacting the artist this week to know what all is required of me to use their artwork.

Here is a sneak peek for the title: The _________ of the _______
Can't go wrong with the classic setup ;)

For the Seasoned Adventurers: If you have signed up for the second tier (Seasoned Adventurer) please let me know how you would like to be addressed in a future one-page adventure.
Name: Your name or your Patreon handle or any other handle
Promote: What you would like me to promote One-Page Adventures on Patreon

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