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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Highlight: Jeremy Hart - Artist

I am supporting just a few Patreons that I often forget to take advantage of the perks of being a Patron. One of them being Jeremy Hart Illos.
Jeremy is an artist that has this style that is grimdark and I love it! The black ink artwork is so good. It fits a lot of what I imagine monsters look in my own games. Actually, not only is it what I imagine but I used one of his pieces in my One-Page Adventure, The Forsaken Tree of the Wretched. (There isn't a direct link download but the Patreon download is free to all)

Well, it wasn't until I saw the video of one of his Creature Feature Quarterly that I remembered exactly why I am supporting Jeremy on Patreon.


Jeremy also has some crazy affordable stock art bundles!

(Above is a screenshot of the Publisher Preview of Fantasy Stock Art Pack 1)
Jeremy also sells a lot of stock art individually.

I also know that he does commission work and you can find him and contact him on his Facebook Page.

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  1. I love his work. When I step away from superheroes and westerns, I will definitely be using his art.