Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Forsaken Tree of the Wretched

It is finally here! May's One-Page Adventure!
The Forsaken Tree of the Wretched is an adventure that takes characters into a twisted and corrupted tree that is home of a nature-necromancer, Fahn'kel the Wretched. The tree is full of abominations made of the dead and plants. There are also deadly plants throughout the tree. The inspiration for Fahn'kel came from the artwork of Jeremy Hart. Which is included in this adventure! I was going through his work and I saw that image and I knew exactly what kind of NPC he would be.
Also, I want to say thank you, Lastlaugh70, for being a Seasoned Adventurer supporter of my Patreon.

I hope you all enjoy this One-Page Adventure!


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