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Friday, July 20, 2018

One-Page Adventure: Agent of Evil for Temple of Elemental Evil

Chapter I
Agent of Evil

It is finally here! The first OPA for my series of my take on Temple of Elemental Evil. There are a few things that you, the GM, should have in order to run this adventure as it is written.

The system I am writing this series for is Swords & Wizardry Continual Light.
You will obviously need a copy of either T1 The Village of Hommlet or T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil. Though, I am basing my series of Temple of Elemental Evil off of T1 The Village of Hommlet. I do own a physical copy of T1-4 and so there are things I may use from that but it shouldn't be a situation that you would NEED to own a copy of T1-4. Then of course you would need my The People of Hommlet and my Moathouse Monsters. But this OPA doesn't take place in the Moathouse but if you want to continue this adventure without my OPAs it could be a helpful tool.

I will do a quick breakdown of how to use my One-Page Adventures for those who are new to my OPAs.

The Setting
This will state where this OPA will take place. For this OPA it is just Hommlet so you would need to provide your own map. Whether you have a physical copy, purchase a PDF (linked above) or even create your own custom map of Hommlet.
This will state the general idea/premise of the OPA. The what is going on, the why and by who. Essentially, it is a brief summary that the GM expands upon.
This will state things you could find within the OPA. Features are brief and short and often open-ended so the GM can do what they want with it. Features can also be used in situations where the players went in a direction you weren't prepared for.
Adventure Hooks
This will state some ideas that the GM could use to get this players hooked into the OPA.
New and Key NPCs
This will state the key NPCs that are critical to the OPA. And it will also have stat blocks for new monsters/NPCs that are unique. For this OPA you would need a copy of The People of Hommlet (linked above).
Special Item
This will state a new special item/s that is unique to this OPA. Sometimes they will be open-ended for the GM so they can get the new item to fit best for how they run their games.
Well, this is pretty obvious. A spot for the GM to jot down their notes. Though, this may not be on every OPA. It depends on how much space is left over.

Now, you will probably notice that there isn't a map. And this is because I don't provide maps for my OPAs. I feel that maps can be a bit "absolute." Not every gaming group is the same. Some can play for just 2 hours at a time while others can play for 8 hours at a time. Leaving out maps gives the GM a whole lot of freedom to use my OPAs in a way that best fits their gaming group.

I hope you enjoy Chapter I!
I would love to hear your thoughts on it and if you use it to start your own Temple of Elemental Evil let me know how it goes for you.


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  2. I don't get it. Which NPC is the Agent of Evil? What is the Staff of Elemental Harmony? All I really get from this is "Fire Bats attack Hommlet".