Friday, December 8, 2017

Monster: Flesh Mound

A flesh mound is a pile of “living” flesh. They are typically made of human flesh and are created by demonic beings. The size of a flesh mound can vary from that of a dog to a large bear. A flesh mound will continue to grow as it continues to eat and absorb the flesh of humanoids. A flesh mound can attack and grab its victims with flesh tentacles. The larger the flesh mound the more tentacles it has.

I have created two versions for this monster: Tunnels & Trolls and Swords & Wizardry.

(And I'm sorry for my artistic skills)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Siege of Crasmere for Tunnels & Trolls

I recently got the PDF of Tunnels & Trolls 5th edition and I love it! Though, I haven't had a chance to run a group game yet but I did play around with some Solo Games. Including the App, Tunnels & Trolls Adventures.

As I was reading through the PDF and searching all through the forums about T&T I noticed a couple of things.
1.) I didn't find any books that were "official" monster books. Which I thought was a little odd at first and was confused as I was doing my read through of the PDF. But now I love this! I am glad that what I perceive to be a goblin is going to be different than how someone else uses them in their game. The simplicity of the monsters/'stat blocks' is great and allows for anyone to create whatever monster they want on the fly.

2.) I couldn't find a whole lot of gaming material for T&T. There is a lot of revised versions of older content but I couldn't find a lot of new third party content. 

So I went ahead and converted my One-Page Adventure, The Siege of Crasmere, to be used for Tunnels & Trolls. 
With converting it I changed the arrows from the goblins, under the 'Features,' from an attack to a Level 1 Saving Roll vs Dexterity or Luck. With the monsters themselves I multiplied their HD by 15 to get their Monster Rating. And for any +1s, like the Ogre HD 4+1, each +1 I added 3 to the Monster Rating. For the monsters that don't have a full HD, like the goblins, their Monster Rating is a flat 10. I read this somewhere on a forum. Someone was asking how to convert Basic D&D to T&T and this seemed like a fairly simple formula. 
With Klatt I added an ability to her attack that would reflect the damage that she deals with the axe that can only be healed through magical means.
And I left the magic item the same just because after my searching of magic item examples for T&T I feel that this would still work as is.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Horn of Kardos

Finally! A new One-Page Adventure!

The Horn of Kardos

This One-Page Adventure is something I would like to call a Campaign Starter. The adventure itself can be ran using Swords & Wizardry Light while the GM can further expand this One-Page Adventure to be used with Swords & Wizardry Continual Light.

The information that is included to expand the adventure into an ongoing campaign is vague enough for any GM to adapt and create the story for it to fit into their world. Kardos is an ancient demon who has been worshiped in the shadows of the city for years. But his followers have been growing and they have recently discovered a way to bring their god back.

What does the return of Kardos mean in your world?
What power does The Spear of Elemental Harmony have?
What happens in your world when a rift is opened to an elemental plane?
These questions are for the GM to determine and the adventurers to discover!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Depression, Anxiety and a Creativity Block

*This post isn't exclusive to gaming but it is something that has an affect on my gaming side.*

For about a month or so I've been going through a season where my depression and anxiety have been really bad. And it has put up this very large wall in my mind that I just haven't been able to pass. And it is blocking my creativity and even my desire to be creative. When I sit down to try to do something creative it is like I am all over the place and in the end I never actually truly start anything. And if I do complete something it isn't as good as it could be. In other words: It is terrible and gets thrown out.

So I've just been stuck in this rut. And my mind is constantly racing and constantly empty at the same time. So this is currently the state of my One-Page Adventures and anything else I've been working on. It has even gotten to my play-by-post game that I am in. I just can't seem to function in a creative way.

It should pass. I just hope it will be soon.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tanlentin - Lake Soerc Region

Tanlentin is a world I've had in my head for about 15 years or so. There have been various notebooks full of ideas and random thoughts for this world. Sadly, 99% of these notes have been long gone for years now. Some of it, a small amount of it, is still flying around in my imagination somewhere. The original concept for Tanlentin was a setting for a Young Adult fantasy book series. The early concept was supposed to be a story about a coastal village of humans who did not know what was beyond the forest that surrounded them and what was beyond the sea ahead of them. This side of Tanlentin may still be explored in the future but for now, since this will be used as a setting for Swords & Wizardry Continual Light, we will explore the Lake Soerc Region.

Lake Soerc Region (Click for large map)
*In a later post I will describe in detail the locations of the region.*

The known player races in the region are Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings and Constructs.
Humans - Live in Run'Hule, the capital of the region, and Rador.
Dwarves - The Dwarves of Tanlentin are not mountain dwellers but rather they live out in the sea in the large ships they create. They are sailors, fishermen, shipwrights and some of them are pirates. The ships that they create are true works of art. Some of their ships are as large as villages. The Dwarves can be found near the docks of Run'Hule and Rador. They can also be found on their ships in Lake Soerc.
Elves - The Elves of Tanlentin do not live in the forests but rather they live on the peaks of mountain tops. They are the guardians of the realm. They spend their lives dedicated to keep the evil that dwells within the mountains contained within the mountains. They are trained in combat and magic. They use enchantments and rituals to keep the evil contained. Though, they aren't perfect so some evil does manage to escape. The Elves can be found scattered throughout the tops of Irb Mountains. There are some that patrol the lands between Run'Hule and Vuhlkunder.
Halflings - The Halflings of Tanlentin were once human before the War of Jufohr. During the war, Jufohr, an evil entity from the depths of Tanlentin, cursed the humans of the region far south of Lake Soerc Region. The humans were cursed that their future children would be small, weak and frail and that they wouldn't be able to reproduce with other humans of Tanlentin. Eventually, their human-sized kin died off. The Halflings had to learn how to adapt and survive in Tanlentin. Not being as strong as the other humans they began training their mind. Over the course of many years they have become highly skilled engineers. Creating things such as guns, steam engines, constructs and other devices. The Halflings can be found in Run'Hule and Rador. They try to avoid traveling by water so they would rather travel around Lake Soerc than take a boat.
Constructs - The Constructs are the creations of Halflings. They are created for a purpose and each construct has it's own purpose. They are often created to be personal guards, labor workers, servants and merchants. The Elves do not trust these spiritless creations and they do not allow them into their villages and towns. The Dwarves take advantage of these creations and will allow them on their ships or use them on docks for loading and unloading goods and equipment. And the Humans, like Halflings, use these creations for all sorts of purposes. The Constructs can be found throughout the Lake Soerc Region.

In the coming posts I will discuss how the classes and races in Swords & Wizardry Continual Light work in Tanlentin. The in-depth descriptions of the locations in the region including plot hooks and lore.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Plans for Swords & Wizardry Continual Light

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light is almost here! This means I can finally start sharing with you what I've been working on from the beta files.

What you will need:
A copy of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light (will be released soon)
A copy of Tome of Horrors Light Vol. 1

What to expect from me:
- A custom campaign setting that is designed to be used for Continual Light. The setting will start small and will slowly gett bigger as I write more locations/lore/history/hooks/NPCs. The setting will also have custom classes and races.
- An online play-by-post game on that will use my custom campaign setting with Continual Light. The campaign setting will more than likely evolve through the actions of the players.
- I will try to produce one piece of new information to the setting once a week. I will also allow for others who want to contribute to the setting to do so and will get credited for their work.

I will slowly start producing information on this setting real soon!

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Review - Slashers & Victims Light

It is Friday the 13th and an amazing product was released for the occasion!

Slashers & Victims Light written by Justin Isaac of Halls of the Nephilim.
This is a Slasher/Horror Movie hack for Swords & Wizardry Light. You will need Swords & Wizardry Light to run this hack.

Included are rules on how the players take on the role as the Survivors. The Survivors are very much like thieves from SWL. They have thief like skills such as, Hiding in Shadows/Move Silently, Appear Dead and Repair. The Survivors are also average humans so their AC is 9 [10]. But they aren't completely useless! 
The Survivors are allowed to select special Perks. High School and College age Survivors select 1 perk while other adults select 2 perks. Perks are, well, perks! For example: Slugger Perk gives the Survivor +1 to hit and damage with blunt weapons. 
There are also Flaws. A player may take a Flaw for their Survivor which also grants them an extra Perk. An example of a Flaw: Nerd Flaw gives the Survivor -1 to attack rolls.

There are special rules for Fear Saves. A simple Saving Throw with a 2d6 table of results if a Fear Save was failed. Which, this could also be used in SWL. 

And of course there are the Slashers and Other Cast (other villains and monsters). There are a total of 10 Slashers and Other Cast. Killer Dolls, Relentless Stalkers and Undead Killing Machines just to name a few.

Go get this now! I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the Slasher/Horror genre and love Swords & Wizardry Light!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Review - Lost Hall of Tyr (Kickstarter Edition)

As I am writing this up Lost Hall of Tyr: A 5e Adventure (Dungeon Grappling support) just needs less than $400 to be funded. If you read my previous post you know that I am pretty excited about this project.
Also, +Douglas Cole sent me a Review Copy for me to read through. And these are my spoiler free thoughts on it.

In this current state Lost Hall of Tyr is 52 pages (not including the cover and back cover).
Introduction/Background - 4 pages
Adventure - 19 pages
Wilderness Travel Rules - 3 pages
Bestiary - 16 pages
Quick Start: Dungeon Grappling - 2 pages
Preface/Legal Jargon/Table of Contents/Art Placeholder Pages - the rest of the pages

First, and like my previous post, the layout is great. The coloring and the borders for the layout really have set the bar on what a 5th Edition adventure should look like. Yes, a thousand times better than WotC's layouts for their adventures.

This section gives a brief description of the setting and where the adventure will take place. And rumor has it there is a campaign setting in the works for where this adventure takes place.
Also, there is a brief story that sets up the adventure and the hook for the characters. There is also information on how to tie this adventure into your own setting. Though, there are two things I want to address:
1. No where in the Introduction or the Preface does it state what level the characters should be and how many characters the adventure is designed for.
2. There is a weapon mentioned in the introduction, "magical against all foes and as a +1 magical weapon against a creature type." (I left out the type of weapon and creature type) But I don't know if it is meant to be +1 against all foes and a +2 against the creature type or is it supposed to be treated as non-magical +0 against all foes except magical +1 against the creature type.

*When reading through this the maps were not included just the placeholders for where they would be.*
First, there is something that needs to be addressed before I continue on with this section. There is NO flavor text. As in, there is no blocked text that is dedicated to the GM to read to the players. Personally, this doesn't bother me at all. This might be a turnoff for some but I think this also helps with adapting this adventure into whatever setting the GM is running.
I like the writing layout Douglas has done with this adventure. He has created four different categories that helps the GM with running the adventure.
Challenges - Describes the challenges that the PCs will have to overcome in this section. Whether it is NPCs or an obstacle that is their way.
Concealed - Describes some skill checks they may be needed to achieve a challenge. Also information that may be hidden from the PCs.
Alternatives - Describes some alternative ways to deal with the challenge in the section.
Rewards - Describes the rewards/treasure the PCs can find in this section. Some rewards are just being able to bypass the challenge.
Though, this adventure was written for 5th edition, there is enough information with this writing layout that the adventure could easily be converted to another system.

Wilderness Travel
This section of the book shouldn't be treated as something optional. Surviving in the wilderness is essential to this adventure. This adventure is a fairly long trek and a challenge within itself. In this section there are all sorts of rules and information on how to survive in the wilderness. Such as, how much food/water the PCs should have, hunting/gathering, preserving food, weather and climate. Again, this shouldn't be optional in this adventure.

This section of the book describes all the NPCs that will be found in this adventure. There is a description for each NPC and their stat blocks. There are familiar monsters that most GMs should know but some of them have been modified to fit this campaign setting. Such as, the goblinoids are considered fae in this setting. There are a total of fifteen NPCs in the Bestiary.

Quick Start: Dungeon Grappling
This section of the book is also very important and shouldn't be ignored or treated as optional. Douglas has created an awesome system when it comes to grappling. The preface of this adventure also describes the importance of this system. If you get this adventure and you plan on running it I highly recommend that you read through this quick start guide and know how Dungeon Grappling works and then show your players how it works. Some of the Challenges in this adventure use this system so it is important to know. Encourage your players to take advantage of this system. You can learn more about Dungeon Grappling here.

I didn't have any art or the maps but from this Review Copy I could run this adventure now without any of the maps. And that is an important thing to me; being able to just use the text to run an adventure. I look forward to receiving both my PDF and Physical Copy after it is completed. There is still plenty of time to back this project. $7 for PDF backer level and $20 for PDF and Physical Copy backer level. Also, the more money this project receives the more that will be added to it!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kickstarter Recommendation: Lost Hall of Tyr

Lost Hall of Tyr: A 5e Adventure (Dungeon Grappling support) is written by +Douglas Cole  of Gaming Ballistic.

Lost Hall of Tyr is an adventure scenario for Fifth Edition, targeted at four to six characters of level 3-6. It offers support for the alternate grappling rules from Dungeon Grappling, including an introductory two-page quick start. The guts of the book is an adventure scenario for Fifth Edition, targeted at characters who have chosen their archetype but are not yet the movers and shakers of the world. - From the Kickstarter Page

I personally want this funded for my own selfish reasons. Not only for running the adventure but also for displaying it on my bookshelf. Showing it off to everyone and flip through the pages and show them the beautiful layout within those pages. And that beautiful layout is the work of Todd Crapper of Broken Ruler Games.

Just take a look for yourself!
Isn't that beautiful or what!?

Also, the artwork is going to be by John Blaszczsyk, Gerasimos Kolokas, Juan Ochoa, Rick Troula, Dan Roy and Roland Warzecha.
The more money this project gets the more artwork there will be! And these are some great artists!

A very important stretch goal that I would like to see reached is the $8,000 for a Swords & Wizardry conversion. Not only is this a personal want (need really) but it would also get this out to the OSR community.

Anyways, go check it out and back it! Even if you go with the PDF only for just $7!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Review - Mithgarthr

Mithgarthr RPG Core Rulebook written by Matthew Evans
You can find it here. The PDF is $19.99 and the Hardcover Color Book + PDF is $49.99
There is also a website here.
** This review is based on the PDF version**

From the back of the book:
"Enter a rich, original world inspired by Norse and Germanic culture. Explore the dark places where Gooblitts and Dyrverr roam. Battle against the treacherous forces of Chaos led by Orcus and The Thrir. Die horribly at the hands of greenskins while trying to get rich quick with your friends! Included in this core rulebook is everything you need to play the game. Character creation rules, combat, adventuring, equipment, magic, monsters, world setting information, and even a fully fleshed out town and surrounding wilderness to start in."

What is Mithgarthr
The quick and easy explanation is this: A reduced 5e system hacked to fit a low-magic and deadly setting. The book is almost 200 pages but it has everything you need to play a 5e style game. Races, Classes, 5e Rules, Custom Rules, Bestiary and a Campaign Setting.

First Impressions
I don't know about you, but the first thing I do when I get a new RPG product is examine the cover/back art and just flip through the pages (in this case virtually flip through the pages).
The cover art tells me instantly that inside this book is going to be a dark and grim world. Sadly, what it doesn't tell me is the name of the game. Though, to be fair Mithgarthr is written in a different language on the cover. I don't have a physical copy so I don't know if Mithgarthr is written on the spine of the book but it is on the back cover. But I did find this product on a webstore and it isn't like it was sitting on a shelf in a local bookstore so no real issues with the lack of title on the cover.
Flipping through the pages the layout and design is nice and easy to read. The colors are a great combination and the font and size is easy to read.
Now, the art. Man oh man. The art is great. Most of the artwork is very grim and it paints a picture that this setting is dark. As I flip through the book there are some pieces that make me stop and admire the work. Which is most of the artwork for the classes and races. When looking at the artwork for the classes and races you can easily see that this isn't the usual fantasy setting that most of us are used to. It is a nice change from the Forgotten Realms.

There are the normal races we are all familiar with, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling and Human. There are two other races that are unique to Mithgarthr: Fjothr and Ratten. The Fjothr is a bird-like humanoid race with wings. The Ratten is, well, a man-sized rat-like race.

Again, there are the normal classes we are familiar with, Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Ranger, Rogue and Warrior. There are two other classes that we are still familiar with but they have different names: Godi (Cleric) and Zauberer (Wizard).

Now, this is when things change from 5e. When creating a character you select your race but you don't select your class. You actually start out as a 0-level character. You pick a profession that gives you some equipment and proficiencies. There are a total of nine professions:
Acolyte, Con-artist, Craftsman, Entertainer, Forester, Outlaw, Sailor, Soldier and Urchin.
When you get 500 xp you then select your class and are now level 1. But you also keep what you received from your profession including hit points and proficiencies. So technically, a level 1 character in Mithgarthr is slightly more powerful than a level 1 character in 5e. Also, I received a doc file from Matthew that shows a comparison of what a 5e Challenge Rating is compared to Mithgarthr's Challenge Rating. For example: A 5e CR of 6 would be a Mithgarthr CR of 3.

There are also race restrictions with some of the classes. I know some people may not like that for their 5e game but I am a fan of this. Plus it makes sense for the campaign setting and some of the restrictions are fairly unique. For example: Halflings and Gnomes have a 10% chance of becoming a Barbarian once getting enough XP to select their class.

5e Rules
Note: I am not a 5e player but I am somewhat familiar with the rules but not enough to know what changes (if any) have been made from the official 5e rules.
That being said after reading through this it appears to have everything you would need to run a 5e game. And this is one of the things that I love about this book. All the rules I need to play 5e in a single book instead of split up into three different books.

Custom Rules
Now, this is where Mithgarthr hacks away at 5e and makes it into it's own game. And I love it!
Some custom rules:
1. One extra ability score: Sanity. Sanity measures mental health, rationality and reason.
2. Magic Points for spellcasting (I LOVE this!).
For an example the Zauberer gets 1d10 Magic Points per level. Though, how I may use that rule is instead of adding 1d10 Magic Points to what you received in the previous levels I would reroll for Magic Points. For example: Instead of a level 2 Zauberer rolling a 1d10 and adding to their level 1 result the Zauberer would roll 2d10 and keeping the result.
3. Madness rules. I love how the mechanics for this work and I already have ideas on how I would take advantage of this system. Especially, if I run Curse of Strahd ;)
4. Chaos Magic & Creating Chaos Shamans.
This is another thing I love about this book. Chaos Magic is one of the ways evil casts magic. And Chaos Shamans are those that wield the power of Chaos Magic. And there are rules to take any monster and turn them into a Chaos Shaman. Which makes things deadlier because now a group of Skeletons are no longer just a group of Skeletons if one or more of them are Chaos Shamans.

Now, the Bestiary in this book is no Monster Manual but it is definitely more than enough for this book. Plus, any 5e monsters will work if you need a monster from a different book or need to create a new one.
The Bestiary is divided up into ten different categories: Animals, Beasts, Demons, Dragons, Elementals, Fey, Humanoids, Monstrosities, Undead and Non-Player Characters. A total of 127 monsters (if I counted correctly). Like I said, it is more than enough.
Though, I do have one complaint about the Bestiary. There is no Dschung! Dschung is mentioned under the Elf description under the races. Dschung are the dark elves of the world.

Campaign Setting
This is an amazing bonus! Seventeen pages with information on the disc world of Cairnvarthi and the Kingdom of Karak. The information here gives you just enough that you can use to explore the world of Cairnvarthi to make it your own. There is enough details of the entire world that you could easily adapt the official 5e adventures and place them in this world. One of my favorite parts of this lore is how Cairnvarthi was created and how humans created their own gods. There's also a list of the gods with some information about them and the creation of Chaos.
There is a beautiful map of the Kingdom of Karak. And the area is massive! 1,728 miles wide and 1,368 miles tall. There is information on the history of the Kingdom of Karak, the land and the towns/cities. Something that I also enjoy in a campaign setting are factions and guilds. And Mithgarthr has them! Though, they aren't listed out in their own section but they are mentioned and described throughout.
There is also a more detailed section of The Kingdom of Karak with a starting town mapped out. There are plot hooks and locations on the map of the "starting" area that are ready for adventures! The town is fleshed out some with NPC information and what equipment/goods there are to be purchased and by whom. Though, the one thing that slightly bugs me about the NPCs is all of them are good. There isn't one that could be turned into an antagonist. Though, it really isn't a big deal at all. I could just easily create one myself.

Overall Summary
Get it! Get it now! Especially, if you are someone like me who is on the fence about 5e. This is a great starting point for 5e. Plus, it is more affordable than the official 5e game. It was small enough for me to be able to read through it once and already feel pretty comfortable about the mechanics of 5e. But if I need to reread the rules it's just a quick read.
So, why get it now?
- Cheap/Affordable 5e system.
- Great custom rules that takes 5e and molds it into it's own game but yet still able to run the official 5e adventures.
- It comes with a campaign setting with a clear "starting point." Which, for me is very important. Often campaign settings just throw you details after details but never give guidance on how/where some areas could be used as a starting point.
- Shadows that drain Sanity score instead of Strength (not in this book but an idea I got while reading this)!
- The artwork on pages 152, 146, 109 and 48.
- 5 out of 5 stars from me. I had some minor issues but nothing that was actually serious.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Review - The House of the Broken Sky

I recently purchased Forged Locale #1: The House of the Broken Sky by The Forge Studios.
The Forge Studios can be found on Facebook, Patreon and DriveThruRPG.

The House of the Broken Sky was written by Douglas Zielsdorf and the interior art by Maciej Zag√≥rski. This is a true system neutral adventure and/or campaign. There are NO stats whatsoever; which is actually great because this could easily be used with OSR systems, 5e, Pathfinder or any other fantasy or sci-fi (will explain later) system!
This is a PDF only product for $2.45 which is a great deal for how much you will get out of this.
The PDF is a total of twenty pages. Eight of the pages is history/lore and detailed information about the adventure. One page for the title, one page for the credits/legal jargon and the rest of the pages are handouts/maps. The only page that is in color is the title page so everything else is printer-friendly. 

1. Handouts
There are a total of nine handouts and they are:
 - Map of the overhead view of the area AND the same map with a squared grid over top of it.
 - Map of level 1 of the structure AND the same map with a squared grid over top of it.
 - Map of level 2 of the structure AND the same map with a squared grid over top of it.
 - Map of the cave area AND the same map with a squared grid over top of it.
 - A great drawing of a side view of the structure to show the players as they approach it.

The maps are wonderfully drawn. There is great detail within the structures and it is pretty clear what things are even with it being black ink only. I'm sure anyone with photoshop or any other program that is similar could go through and add color to the maps for personal use. I'm also a fan of having the two different styles of maps: With and Without Grids. I'm more of a Without Grids kind of guy and I know there are others out there that prefer to have Grids on their maps. 

2. Content
The eight pages of content is really all that is needed for this adventure and/or campaign. There is the history/background of what exactly is The House of the Broken Sky that takes place two years before the adventure. The background and setting can easily be placed into an existing world with or without a name change here and there. The background could even be used in your campaign as something that is currently happening and then future sessions could lead up to the aftermath (which is the adventure). The adventure is covered in only four pages. A page for each location being described: Overland, Level 1 & 2 of the House of the Broken Sky and Caves. The maps for the House of the Broken Sky are not keyed but rather there is information on what is going on in that level and what is in that level. The overland and caves are the only maps that are keyed but even then it is just to point out key locations. Then there is also information on what's going on in those locations and what's in those locations. There is a pretty strong foundation that can be used to create the adventure and/or campaign as you see fit. And I keep saying, "campaign," because as I read through it I can already see how this small but extremely useful PDF can be constructed into a larger campaign.
There are also two clear factions within this adventure and one of them is already playing the other. So this could lead to some very interesting story development depending on the GM and the players. 

So, what's in the House of the Broken Sky? The Others. What are the Others? Otherworldly Beings. Or are they....? This is why I am a fan of this product. There is just the perfect amount of information that can be easily manipulated to fit your campaign.
This could also be used as a great tie-in for those that play Swords & Wizardry to introduce White Star into their fantasy game. Or the other way around. Taking your White Star campaign onto a new planet that is filled with Swords & Wizardry. 

3. Overall Score
Honestly, I would give this 5 out of 5 stars. I love the story/background and I'm already a fan of splicing/mixing fantasy with sci-fi. A huge bonus for me is having the maps with no grids on it. It also feels like it is in the style of my OPAs by giving you the foundation to work from. Rather than giving you every detail that you must feel like you need to memorize before running the adventure. So go purchase it. Less than $3 so you can't really go wrong. Even if you don't want to use the adventure the maps are really good to be used in your game for something else. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Future of One-Page Adventures

It is September and I know it is about time for the next One-Page Adventure.
But there are some major changes that are happening with One-Page Adventures. There is a re-branding in the works and I've become a very busy person. I currently have nothing in the works for September. Some of the artists I have been talking with have also become busy with bigger projects. So this month won't feature any artwork but I am still looking for female artists to be featured in OPAs. 
That being said I am still waiting back on more information on what this re-branding entails for One-Page Adventures.

Also, I recently got InDesign and I'm currently working out a layout that will look much better than what I have been doing with Apple's Pages. I still want it to be Black & White only for printer-friendly reasons.

But I am busy working a full-time day job and now working on other projects besides my OPAs. Sadly, this means my OPAs are at the bottom of the list. But I will still try to release one once a month once I receive all the information I need for re-branding and the guidelines that come with it.

But I guess I can tell you that I am currently working on a project for Mythoard Crate. So if you want to see future work from me that just isn't the OPAs then head over to I am working on various projects for multiple crates so who knows where you'll see my work!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

September & The Tome of Horrors Light

As you all know, or most, I write One-Page Adventures designed for Swords & Wizardry Light. So of course I am excited for the release of The Tome of Horrors Light Volume 1. This means I now have more monsters I can reference without having to write the stat blocks for. Which means I highly recommend that you go and download that now! Because if an OPA states that a Hill Giant crashes through the door you're going to need to know those stats. So go download The Tome of Horrors Light Volume 1. And while you're at it you can download the Swords & Wizardry Light rules (which you already better have it!) and these amazing Character Cards for your players to use for Swords & Wizardry Light.

So what's going on for September? Honestly, I don't know yet. I am currently waiting to hear back from two artists. But don't worry there will be an OPA for September.