Saturday, April 28, 2018

Savage Worlds & One-Page Adventures

In Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition there are five sample adventures in the back of the book. They call them, One Sheet Adventures. There are also plenty of One Sheet Adventures found on their site. Though, when they say, "One Sheet," they mean front and back. Which I would consider to be two pages. And we know that I am more of the One-Page writer.

Now, let me say that I love the structure of their One Sheet Adventures. The reason why is found on page 166: "Our goal is to give Game Masters something they can read, understand, and be ready to run in just a few minutes.....We get right to the most important aspects of the adventure-the setup, what is expected to happen, and the statistics to any monsters or villains the heroes are likely to fight. You won't find details on the surroundings or statistics for nonplayer characters who aren't directly important to the plot. Those are left for you, the Game Master, to make up as you go and as they become important to your session."
This is exactly the same structure I try to achieve in my One-Page Adventures. Though, I understand this style of GMing/Adventure might not best suite every gamer. But it sure does help me. I do a lot better with thinking on the fly and taking an idea and molding it together with the players. But now I want to take my style of One-Page Adventures and create them for Savage Worlds. Which means it will look completely different from my OSR One-Page Adventures.

In my last post I mentioned how I want to run a game, Saturday Morning Savages, based on 80's & 90's cartoons. I already have an idea for an adventure with this setting with the famous TMNT villains, Bebop & Rocksteady. I will be working on this some while trying to develop a style that will work best for my One-Page Adventures for Savage Worlds.

For those who are new to my blog/One-Page Adventures you can view this post, The Chasm of Crasmere, to get an idea of how my One-Page Adventures are.

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