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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Chasm of Crasmere

January's One-Page Adventure is here!

The Chasm of Crasmere (RPGNow)
Direct Link (Google Drive)

The village of Crasmere has been under attack by a hive of Giant Insects after an earthquake tore a chasm through the village. The adventurers must venture down the chasm to put an end to these attacks! Though, little do they know something far more dangerous awaits at the bottom of the chasm...

This OPA is designed to be used with Swords & Wizardry Continual Light. Also, as a reference you would need a copy of Tome of Horrors Light, Volume 1 (Free!).

Crasmere? That's right! The adventurers are back in the village of Crasmere! If you're not familiar with Crasmere it is the setting for the OPA, The Siege of Crasmere. Crasmere is to be used as a starting hub for your Swords & Wizardry Light and Continual Light adventures. Also, you can run this adventure without needing to run The Siege of Crasmere.

As part of the Twelve Months of Tome of Adventure Design I created the featured monster, Daughter of Ogrin, using Method 2 in the Book 2 - Monsters chapter. Sadly, I can't find my actual dice results for this monster. I wrote them down on paper and then just typed out the results. I do know that it came up with two attacks, Head (bite-fangs), Body (enfolds and suffocates) and two special attacks. Though, with the Body attack I combined that with one of the special attacks. And the other special attack came up with Squirt Liquid - single target (immobilize). And for the Special Defense the result was Transform self to energy form (fire, lava, heat). Next month I will remember to have all the results for those that have the book.

Notice: This One-Page Adventure is actually a 2-page PDF. The reason for that is I am trying to get more "professional" with these things. The second page has the OGL on the bottom half of the page and the top half is graphing paper for GMs to use.

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