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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Savage Worlds - Saturday Morning Savages

I am currently taking a break from the traditional d20 (D&D) style of gaming. And in doing so I discovered Savage Worlds for the first time. For $10 you can get a Print & PDF copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe Core Rules. And I thought for $10 even if I didn't like it then it wouldn't be a complete loss. Fortunately, I am already a fan of Savage Worlds.

With that I've been playing around with the rules figuring out how this game works. I love how genre neutral this system is. Even with choosing one of the archetypes in the book you could take one archetype and build it for any genre. Another thing that is great about this system is how easy character creation is. Including, creating custom races. I've been having a lot of fun playing around with the race creation rules. And with that I believe I know what my first Savage Worlds game is going to be.

Saturday Morning Savages
A gonzo setting where the worlds of our favorite cartoon shows collide and the heroes must join forces against the evils of the worlds. I have created a few custom races that represents the character types of some of our favorite shows.

Humans are the core character type of Savage Worlds. I've found that most Savage Worlds games tend to only have Humans as the playable character type since they can still be literally anything they want. Which I love! For Saturday Morning Savages Humans represent the Human type of heroes in our favorite cartoon shows. The Ghostbusters, The He-Mans, The Vigilantes, The Detectives, The G.I. Joes, The Dr. Quests (or Dr. Ventures), The Race Bannons (or Brock Samsons), The Dino-Riders, etc.

Sight Beyond Sight: Thunderians have Low Light Vision and a +2 to Notice when using one sense.
Feline: Choose a type of feline your Thunderian best represents and select one Attribute starts at d6.
Of Good Omens: Thunderians have the Code of Honor hindrance.

Stone Skin: Toughness +1.
Reach to the Skyscrapers: Flight.
Vicious Arms: Claw Attack Str+d6.
Night Eyes: Low Light Vision.
Frightful: -2 Charisma.
Guardian: Gargoyles have the Heroic hindrance.
Nocturnal: Gargoyles have a -4 penalty to sunlight.
Flesh to Stone: When a Gargoyle is in direct sunlight they must make a Spirit roll with a -4 penalty (Nocturnal). If failed the Gargoyle is turned back into stone and can only wake once the sun is down. If successful the Gargoyle doesn't turn into stone but a Spirit roll must be made every hour the Gargoyle is in direct sunlight with an accumulative -1 penalty on top of the -4 penalty.

All Mutagens receive these defining qualities in addition to their chosen Mutagen type.
Playing Human: -2 Charisma.
BFF: All Mutagens have the Loyal hindrance.
Skillful: All Mutagens start with a free d6 in any skill.
Animal Parts: All Mutagens have a +2 to Notice when using one sense.
Shell Yeah!: Mutagens of the Turtle type have +2 Armor.
Jawsome!: Mutagens of the Shark type have a Bite Attack Str+d8.
On All Fours: Mutagens of the Rodent type start with the Fleet-Footed Edge.
Custom Mutagen
Select an Animal/Bug/Fish/etc. Then select either one +2 Ability or two +1 Abilities that best represents the selected Mutagen type.

I am currently working on a Saiyan race for this setting. Let me know what you think of these races for Savage Worlds and what other races you would like to see for Saturday Morning Savages.

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