Sunday, April 1, 2018

A to Z Challenge - A

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Arli Wolgro
Adventurer - Paladin (Level 4)
Female Human
"Kerith, shine your light upon me revealing your path."
The left side of Arli's face is covered in burned scars and she wears a patch over her missing right eye. She keeps the left side of her head shaved while on the right side her blonde hair rests on her shoulder. She wears bright green and yellow garments in honor of her goddess, Kerith. Underneath her armor and garments her body is covered in various scars.
Arli desires to return to her home village from which she was kidnapped and sold into slavery when she was but a child. She wants to show the light of Kerith to her family and villagers.
Years of torture has caused serious trauma within Arli causing her to be crippled with night terrors. She despises torture and slave traders.

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