Monday, April 2, 2018

A to Z Challenge - B

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Giant Spider Breeder
Male Goblin
"Webbin' only. Poison kin' is for killin' and I'm no kill'r....anymore."
His ears are clipped at the ends and he wears a black wig that covers most of his head and face. Boggs wears makeup to make his face a flesh color to hide the green skin. His garments are bland colors such as grays and browns and often covered in webbing. Boggs knows the dwarven tongue.
Boggs wants to establish a legit business in breeding and selling giant spiders. Though, he refuses to breed poisonous spiders.
Boggs lives in constant fear that his true identity would be revealed. But more than that he fears coming across goblins and the life he is running from.

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  1. Boggs sounds like a really interesting chap. He's definitely the kind of NPC that players fall for.