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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Uncharted Worlds - Mackenzie Calhoun

Uncharted Worlds is a Powered by the Apocalypse space opera RPG.
I've been looking for a Star Trek style game to play with my wife. And then I remembered that I actually played this game a few years ago as a play-by-post game. You can find that game thread here (I believe it is open to the public to view).

While describing to my wife how simple and creative the character creation is I thought I would make Mackenzie Calhoun from the Star Trek: New Frontier series created by Peter David.

Mackenzie Calhoun
Brutal Military Personality
Scarred, Chiseled, Severe
Mettle +2
Physique +1 (+2 from Branded)
Influence +1
Expertise +0
Interface -1
Branded (+1 to Physique - max+2)
A perilous order is obeyed
Captain's Starfleet uniform (Class 0 Attire)
Hand Phaser (Class 2, One-Handed, Close/Far, Stun, Penetrating)
Sword (Class 1, Melee, Defensive, Severing)
Soldiers (Class 1 Squad, Armed)

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