Monday, June 12, 2017

Running A One-Page Adventure This Free RPG Day?

I recently got feedback from someone that will be running The Siege of Crasmere this Saturday for Free RPG Day at their store. This is great news! Not only for OPAs but for the OSR community. Hopefully, this means more people will be playing Swords & Wizardry Light! Is anyone else planning on running a OPA this weekend?

The whole reason for my OPAs is to increase the OSR community. I design OPAs for them to be easy for newcomers and gamers like me who started late in D&D. I own a physical copy of Temple of Elemental Evil (lucky find at a used bookstore) but when I read through it (and other classics) I find it intimidating and overwhelming. So I decided to create my own adventures for OSR that is simple for me and others to use.

So, if you do run a OPA this weekend for Free RPG Day (or any other time) please let me know how it goes. Take pictures or draw pictures. I don't care.

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