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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Creating with Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells

I finally received my hardcover copy of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells by Diogo Nogueira of Old Skull Publishing. I've been reading through the PDF like crazy already until I got the physical book.  This isn't a review post but more of a, "What I've been able to do with this book so far" post. With the PDF I have taken the time to create up some characters to get a feel of how character creation works. Mainly, using the Concept, Complication and Race/Species creation. I've also played around with creating the universe using the many tables to roll on to generate the random universe. And of course rolled a lot on the monster creation tables.

Just this morning I rolled up a character and wanted to share what he is.

Jarlath Silver
The Nimble reserved space vamp spy for the Dark Leech

Complication: Hunted by The Helsing Order
Level: 1         Adventures Until Next Level: 3 (+1 for being a Space Vamp)
Archetype Abilities: You Can't Hit Me; That's an Easy Target; Luck is on My Side; I Know How to Do This

Abilities & Powers: When taking a short rest, Space Vamps automatically recover an amount of Vitality equal to half (rounded down) their Recovery Roll result. While consuming blood and making a successful physique test the Space Vamp doubles their Recovery Roll result.

Physique: 11     Vitality: 12     Recovery Roll: 1d6+1
*Agility: 16        Luck: 3
*Intellect: 16     Sanity: 16
Willpower: 5     Credits: 2

Armor: Light (1 Damage Reduction)

: Repeater Hand Crossbow - 1d6-1 Damage - Short Range
Weapon: Spear - 1d6+1 Damage - Negative Die when trying to hide weapon

I also did some artwork for some monsters I rolled up using the tables in the book:

Agonizing Aberration
I created this monster by rolling up Aberration --> Amorphous Form --> Faces of several different beings in agonizing expressions cover the creature's body --> To learn and collect information


I created this monster by rolling up Beast --> Body of an animal and extra arms of another --> Body animal: Mule --> Arms animal: Starfish

I have created stats for the Starmule and a humanoid species (I have not drawn this creature).


HD: 2
Starmules can be used as mounts. Though, their explosion ability can harm the rider. Ride with caution.
Special Abilities: Magical Immunity. Explosion - 2d6 damage in a close range. A successful Agility test reduces the damage by half.

HD: 1-3
The Mak'Loy is a two-headed humanoid species without gender. One head appears to be male but with no eyes. The other head appears to be female but with no mouth. They reproduce asexually.
Special Abilities: Turn to Stone - Victims that look into the eyes of the Mak'Loy must make a Physique test or be turned into stone.

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  1. Hmm... I like the "adventures until next level" idea. Cool.