Thursday, April 5, 2018

A to Z Challenge - E

Part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Elm Bloodstone
Prophet of Mela, Goddess of the Insane
Female Dwarf
"The faces they speak to me, the voices they look to me."
Very much like her mind, she has let her appearance go. Her hair is tangled in knots and drags on the ground as she walks. She is covered in dirt and mud and her garments are torn and barely cling on to her body. She wanders the passageways of the dwarven city completely barefoot, both mumbling and screaming about Mela and the war of the gods.
Elm wants to warn her clan of the war of the gods that is currently happening behind the scenes. She claims to be Mela, the Goddess of the Insane, trapped inside the dwarven body of Elm Bloodstone. She actually is Mela....or maybe she's not.
She fears Filo, the God of the Insane, whom trapped Mela in the body of Elm Bloodstone. Well, she claims Filo did this. He might have, that is, if Filo and Mela even exist.

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