Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A to Z Challenge - D

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Male Minotaur
"Bull might be in the name but I'm not a bull and I don't take any bull."
Dastrun towers over most humans by a foot or two. He wears elegant robes made of the finest silk and often bright and flashy colors. Many jewels and bells hang from his horns and his fingers are covered in rings. Dastrun is highly intelligent and can speak Common, Dwarven and the Elven tongue. Though, his extremely unusual intelligence doesn't get in the way of his sense of humor. He owns an antique shop, Bull in an Antique Shop.
Dastrun wants the complete volumes of Aclabahn's Ink Portraits of the Unknown. Out of the seven volumes he is missing volumes three, five and six.
Dastrun has been having some break-ins into his shop recently. Though, nothing ever is stolen but rather damaged and destroyed items. He fears that Bailey Digby, a local shop owner, is behind the break-ins.

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  1. Dastrum will definitely make an appearance in my next game.