Monday, March 5, 2018

Tome of Adventure Design - March

As part of Twelve Months of Tome of Adventure Design I have rolled up March's monster for the next One-Page Adventure!

March's Monster
Physical & Special Attacks: 93 - Limb attack, Tail attack and One special attack
Special Defenses:  98 - One special defense and Two attributes.
Limb Attack: 76 - Piercing Limb
Tail Attack: 57 - Pierces
Special Attack: 88 - Sound damage (save for half damage)
Delivery Method for Special Attack: 5 - Appearance (normal appearance is dangerous)
Special Defense: 22 - Grows or shrinks
First Attribute: 77 - Recovers hit points
Second Attribute: 47 - Has a particular animal it prefers or even craves as food

Also for this month's One-Page Adventure I am using Book Four of Tome of Adventure Design, Non-Dungeon Adventure, to help create the story/theme.

Non-Dungeon Adventure
Adventure Type: 6 - Waterborne
Ship Type: 3 - Common (my own custom table)
Common Ship: 83 - Rowboats or coracles
Ship Cargo: 97 - Wood
Unusual Pirates: 5 - Humans or humanoids have special ability like teleport or water breathing
Unusual Island: 78 - Tip of an enormous man-made structure or wrecked vessel
Owner of Island: 23 - Ghosts in abandoned structures

Tome of Adventure Design can be found here

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