Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Skyship of Smazah

It's the last day of the month but I still made my deadline....barely.
February's One-Page Adventure is here!

The Skyship of Smazah for Swords & Wizardry Continual Light
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"The Kingdom of Smazah is a small Kingdom, one not worthy of much notice. The recent crash of a strange vessel and the Strangers within has caused great excitement across the five and twenty countries of the Land. Lions Gate has become the center of interest as mages, adventurers and greedy opportunists seek to plunder the ship of its strange valuables and powerful artifacts."

This OPA incorporates two different things!
1) It is part of the Twelve Months of Tome of Adventure Design
2) It takes place in Michael Shorten's The Kingdom of Smazah. Which is part of his Three Hexes Campaign Starters. Which also means he is credited as a writer of this adventure because you must also have his work in order to properly run this OPA.

Included in this OPA is a new race and optional class for your Continual Light games. The Goblin and the Shaman.

I did have some technical difficulties while creating this PDF. For some reason I wasn't able to create the Hyperlinks like the way I normal would. So I had to go in after the PDF was completed and use some free web-based program to make the Hyperlinks. The Hyperlinks are not highlighted but they are there. I believe there are four of them. I tested them out and they all do work.

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