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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Future of One-Page Adventures

It is September and I know it is about time for the next One-Page Adventure.
But there are some major changes that are happening with One-Page Adventures. There is a re-branding in the works and I've become a very busy person. I currently have nothing in the works for September. Some of the artists I have been talking with have also become busy with bigger projects. So this month won't feature any artwork but I am still looking for female artists to be featured in OPAs. 
That being said I am still waiting back on more information on what this re-branding entails for One-Page Adventures.

Also, I recently got InDesign and I'm currently working out a layout that will look much better than what I have been doing with Apple's Pages. I still want it to be Black & White only for printer-friendly reasons.

But I am busy working a full-time day job and now working on other projects besides my OPAs. Sadly, this means my OPAs are at the bottom of the list. But I will still try to release one once a month once I receive all the information I need for re-branding and the guidelines that come with it.

But I guess I can tell you that I am currently working on a project for Mythoard Crate. So if you want to see future work from me that just isn't the OPAs then head over to I am working on various projects for multiple crates so who knows where you'll see my work!

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