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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Escape Rooms & One-Page Adventures

Sadly, as I write this I am enjoying the ocean breeze and ocean smell for the last time before we head back home. Also, I'm in mourning because me and my family all died yesterday. We couldn't escape from the basement of a serial killer in less than an hour.
This was our first time experiencing what they call an "Escape Room." I've heard of them and would see them advertised but just thought it wouldn't be worth the money. Thankfully, I was wrong. It was amazing. The people who put this together were extremely creative. Everything was well thought out. The puzzles and riddles were things that no one person could figure out on their own in an hour. There was eight of us and we still couldn't figure it out. I believe the Dungeon Master (is what I will call him) said something like we probably just needed ten more minutes. There were times I knew exactly how it felt for humans in Swords & Wizardry searching rooms for secret doors and not finding a single thing. There were also times where I felt like the Elf looking for secret doors. There were moments where we all shined and found things instantly and then moments when we were all wasting time flipping through pages of books over and over and realizing they were just distractions. And then times we enter the next room ignoring the books because we thought they were just distractions but in the end they actually had secret items we never even found.

So, how could I create this as a One-Page Adventurer? The answer is.....I can't. I'm sure I could try to just change up the layout of the One-Page Adventurer for a "special issue" but honestly I don't think I could make it happen. There was so much going on in those two rooms that I don't think I could produce the experience that we had on just one page. But I could always try.

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